FHS Food Pantry

What is FHS Food Pantry and Who Does it Serve? 

The Food Pantry at Fairfax High is sponsored by A Place to Eat/A Place to Stand A Place to Stand » A Place to Eat, and assists food insecure students by stocking food and hygiene products for them to take home.  Doors are open after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting November.  Students are not required to show proof of need, they simply self identify.  Students may shop themselves, or fill out a Google shopping form by 4pm Wednesday.  Google forms are processed for pickup the following week, and bags are set out by Student ID number.     

Where Is FHS Food Pantry Located?

Room A122.  The pantry relocated to a larger area in order to serve more students. Shopping is available upon request as of September 28th; doors "re-open" October 5th. Online ordering should be available by the end of October. 

How You Can Help


Contact Katy Malesky at katy@aplacetostand.org 

Since March 2020 A Place to Eat @ Fairfax has…

To make all this happen, A Place to Stand was generously supported by 6 community and school drives and more than 180 unique volunteers. A Place to Eat @ Fairfax is fortunate to have support from school administrators, social workers and the PTSA/PTAs.

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