President's Message

A Message from the Fairfax High School PTSA President

School year 2019-2020

August 19, 2019

Greetings Rebel families-

On behalf of the Fairfax High School PTSA executive board, welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.

Your PTSA is committed to the overall mission of positively impacting the educational and emotional growth of each and every student here at FHS. As a collaborative group of parents and teachers we work to this end in many ways. Some of which are…

· Live speaker events (for parents, teachers and students)

· Video events (for school community)

· Student mini grants

· Teacher mini grants

· Science fair

· Staff/faculty appreciation week

· Student volunteerism awards

· All Night Grad Party (ANG)

· Arts in Education/Reflections Program

· Host practice SAT/ACT

In order to make these things (and many more) happen we need your support. While it is your membership dues and generous financial donations that provide most of the funding, it is your involvement in our PTSA that makes the real difference. You see, we really and truly do need your ideas, your input, your expertise, your experience, your voice, your diversity, your time. We need you. There are no quotas, no minimums and no measures asked, we simply need your help.

Join the PTSA. Your membership dues are the primary source of our funding.

Attend a meeting. Help shape the goals of your PTSA. We typically meet the third Tuesday of each month @7:00pm in the library.

Volunteer. Your time and talent will make the biggest difference.

Study after study points to the fact that parental involvement is shown to improve students’ academic and emotional growth. (Wang, 2013) The FHS PTSA is a unique and hands on venue where parents and teachers, working together, can grow that involvement. We thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

John King

Fairfax High School PTSA President