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The PTSA welcomes ALL parents to create a supportive community. The PTSA supports the ENTIRE school community, including students, staff, and parents. Help us continue to provide excellent programming and fund student activities and teacher grants by join the PTSA today.

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Membership dues and donations fund the entire PTSA budget. Directly support FHS students, parents and teachers by funding school functions, teacher appreciation and training, student scholarships and awards. Join us at PTSA meetings the 3rd Tuesday of the month to add to the conversation, hear valuable updates and a report from our principal.All parents can get involved at Fairfax. Volunteer opportunities are year-round, daytime, evenings and weekends!Fairfax PTSA is a 501(c)(3) organization so your donation is tax deductible.

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Lions Taking the Lead

The Academic Boosters is hosting a breakfast on Thursday, December 9th honoring students recommended by their teachers for having shown great strides in their classes. Students receiving the recognition will be emailed an invitation to participate in the breakfast.

We are asking for donations and volunteers to help staff the event that morning. Please have your contributions to the school by 3pm on Wednesday, December 8th. If it is an item that needs to go in the refrigerator it can be put in the office refrigerator by the copier. Just put a sticky note that says "Academic Boosters" on it. Non-refrigerated items can go on the table in the office with a note that says "Academic Boosters.”

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Questions? Contact Megan Soyster or Debbie Brabrand at academicboosters@fairfaxptsa.org

Parent and Student Volunteers Needed!

Fairfax will be hosting its 32nd Annual NOVA Classic Wrestling Tournament on Friday, Dec 10th & Saturday, Dec 11th. Parent and Student volunteers are needed to work the concession stand. We will be hosting 32 teams and over 400 wrestlers for this prestigious 2 day tournament.

Sign Up below: Student volunteers will receive service hours.

2021 NOVA Classic Wrestling Tournament Concession Stand

College EXAMS are COMING!

Looking for a GREAT gift for your kiddo away at college, or camp, or boarding school, or in the military, or just away doing big kid things?!? Campus Survival Kits is joining with Fairfax High School PTSA to support the All Night Grad Celebration for the Class of 2022. The holidays are just around the corner…finals, cramming, late nights studying mean late nights snacking! HEY FHS SENIOR PARENTS - You can preorder and send to your college Freshie next year!

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Fairfax High School ANGP — Campus Survival Kits and Insta-Kits

Good Enough Parenting with Teens: Free Zoom Seminar by The Ross Center

Monday, January 10, 2022 8:15pm

· healthy screen use

· emotional development

· self-esteem

· peer relationships

· balancing search for autonomy and ongoing need for limits/structure

· changing nature of parent role

· sleep


We are pleased to offer child psychologist Dr. Abigail Romirowsky’s ‘Good Enough Parenting’ series. As we try to balance the needs of our children, safety concerns with the pandemic, uncertainty, and our own mental health, it is even more essential to support parents in being “good enough”. Research suggests children are healthier when parents do a ‘good enough’ job, rather than striving for the mythical perfect version of parenting. The discussion is offered via ZOOM, and will not be recorded. Questions can be posed ahead of time or live via chat.

As both a child psychologist and a fellow “doing her best” parent, Dr. Romirowsky values creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for these webinars. Feel free to “come as you are”, in sweats, multi-tasking or curled up with a cup of tea. Attendees can choose to participate with your camera on or off and/or to change your zoom screen name depending on your privacy concerns. For more info "Good Enough Parenting" - Webinar Series 2 - The Ross Center


  • 12/2 FHS Orchestra concert with KJMS

  • 12/9 Lions Taking the Lead student recognition

  • 12/9 CollaBRRRet @7 pm in FHS Auditorium

  • 12/10 Principal's Coffee @ 7 pm

  • 12/15 ANG Meeting @ 7pm in FHS Library

  • 12/16 FHS Winter Band Concert