PTSA Meetings

Meeting Schedule

PTSA Meeting Schedule for 2019-2020

PTSA meetings are open to all parents, teachers, students and interested parties.

Please come and join us to learn about our PTSA activities, hear updates from the principal, and get to know other

FHS parents and students. We look forward to seeing you there.

** Times: 7-8:30pm General Membership

** Location: FHS Library

** Dates: typically 3rd Tuesdays (trying to avoid major holiday weekends and other big conflicts on the school calendar like music concerts, theater performances, art shows, and other key meetings that would take parents away)

Mark your Calendar

Meeting times and locations for 2019-2020

9/17-Library @7pm

10/15-Library @7pm

11/19-Library @7pm

12/17-Library @7pm

1/21-Library @7pm

2/18-Library @7pm

3/17-Career Center @7pm

4/21-Library @7pm

5/19-Career Center @7pm

6/9-Library @7pm

FHSPTSA Minutes 19.3.19[4555].pdf
FHSPTSA Minutes 19.4.23[7321].pdf
FHSPTSA Minutes 18.9.18[4556].pdf
FHSPTSA Minutes 18.10.16[4558].pdf
FHSPTSA Minutes 18.11.16[4557].pdf
FHSPTSA Minutes 19.2.19[4559].pdf