All Night Grad

All Night Graduation Celebration (ANG)

2019 ANG Party will be June 3, 2019!

All Night Grad - What It Is

  • All Night Grad is a State and Fairfax County Public School System sanctioned event. In fact, every school in the County, as well as in the entire State of Virginia participates in All Night Grad sanctioned celebrations.
  • The motivating factor behind All Night Grad is to provide our graduating seniors a safe, fun place to spend graduation night and celebrate with their fellow students and friends. Since All Night Grad’s inception, no teen in the entire state of Virginia has been involved in a traffic fatality on graduation night!
  • All Night Grad is a no alcohol, no drugs, parent and volunteer chaperoned event that takes places here at FHS the evening of graduation and lasts all night.
  • We feed them, we entertain them, we let them play games, they gamble, they sing, they dance, they get airbrush tattoos, and have lots and lots of fun with their friends. They have worked hard to achieve this major milestone in their lives and we intend to give them a fitting venue to celebrate!

All Night Grad - What It Costs

  • Obviously all of this takes money. The vast majority of the money must be raised through fundraising and donations from the community. The total cost of this event in previous years was between $40,000 and $50,000. If you’ve ever been involved before - that number won’t shock you. If this is your first senior - it seems a staggering sum.

Fundraisers & Events

The FHS PTSA All Night Grad Party is only possible because of the support of others. All funds for the ANG Party come from fundraisers or through generous donations from the community and parents. Please consider participating in one of our fundraisers or Make a Donation!

ANG donations are tax deductible.

All Night Grad Committee Meetings for 2018- 2019

Times: 7-8:30 pm

Location: Room A-141 at FHS

Dates: typically 3rd Wednesdays

Mark your calendar with these meeting dates:

  • September meeting: Wednesday, 9/12
  • October meeting: Wednesday, 10/17
  • November meeting: Wednesday, 11/14
  • December meeting: Wednesday, 12/19
  • January meeting: Wednesday, 1/16
  • February meeting: Wednesday, 2/20
  • March meeting: Wednesday, 3/20
  • April meeting: Wednesday, 4/24
  • May meeting: Wednesday, 5/22 **different meeting location: Classroom H106 (off Field House Lobby)

Other important ANG dates:

  • Holiday Craft Fair Concession Fundraiser: Saturday/Sunday, 11/17-18
  • Walk-through Inspection with Fire Marshall and Committee Chairs: Wednesday, 5/29 @ 6pm **location: Field House
  • Casino Training: Thursday, 5/30 **location: Cafeteria
  • Party Staging: Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday, 5/31 - 6/3
  • PARTY STARTS: Monday, 6/3 @ 11pm

Volunteer Sign-Up

The All Night Grad Party requires volunteers for fundraising events throughout the school year in addition to the many volunteers needed on the night of the party itself. Click the link below to sign up. Feel free to sign up to stay the whole night. It is a lot of fun and the night flies by!