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Arts In Education

Responsibilities: Reflections -

  • Advertise program theme and rules in the Spring & develop teacher contacts in Academy, English and Art
  • Post specific deadlines at the beginning of the school year, once designated to teachers and students
  • Collect entries and proof to correct errors/omissions and make sure all rules and specifics are adhered to
  • Judge these entries by category and turn in one entry per category to Fairfax County PTSA (FCC of PTAS) by the due date
  • As FCCP advises progress pass this on to teachers and students keeping all informed of their progress and inform students of their final placements
  • Organize and coordinate through building management a room for the final awards ceremony and secure a display case to post all entries
  • Prepare certificates for all entrants and winners to present during awards ceremony to be held in the Spring
  • Report progress and updates to FHS PTSA when possible during monthly meetings
Notes: Looking for someone to take over position if interested