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Committee backup

Since the ANG Graduation Celebration is a major event there are many sub-committees that handle the various parts of putting this incredible event together.     

ANG Committee Lead Descriptions

Chairmans - Oversees the entire ANG Committee and works with all of the Sub Committee leads.

Secretary - Take Meeting Minutes and email out to Committee Members, ensure documents and information regarding ANG is posted on PTSA Website.

Marketing - This is a new sub-committee that we have add.  This committee will support any marketing efforts for donations and fundraisers as well as advertising for the event.  (i.e. making flyers, working with school staff to get out "keep in touch" notices, working with school and senior sponsors to be added to Senior Meetings agendas.  This committee could also look into obtaining assistance from the DECA Club for marketing assistance.

 Money Manager - Works with PTSA Treasurer to deposit checks and cash, collects funds from committees, handles the ANG budget, have checks written and sent out in a timely manner.  Works closely with the Chairman(s) and all of the sub-committees on the budget for each of the areas of this event.

 Volunteers - Organizes volunteers for the various fundraisers and for the ANG Party.

 Tickets/T-Shirts - Works on the selling of Tickets, design and purchasing of the T-Shirts for the ANG Party (The T-Shirts are the Tickets to get into the ANG Party that night).  Works with Donations Sub-committee to ensure the proper logos from the businesses who donate are included on the back of the ANG T-Shirt.

 Badges and Check In/Out - Handles the creation and ordering of the Badges for the night of the event and handles all the Check-In and Check-Out process including the Coat Check section.  Works closely with the Casino sub-committee and Prizes sub-committee on handling raffle tickets and casino chips.

 Prizes - Works within Budget to purchase prizes for the ANG Party - for the raffles, etc. the night of party.

Decorations - Handles all decorations including Balloons for all areas of the Party.  Works with ALL of the committees to ensure each committee provides a list of everything they need for decorations and handles the purchasing of the decorations.  Also works with the Security committee to ensure all items meet fire marshal inspection.

 Games and Activities (Entertainment) - Works with the Entertainment company (companies) and DJ to rent the various games and activities for the night of the ANG Party.  Also works with the Decorations and Security committees to ensure all items meet fire marshal inspection.

 Casino - Handles the casino area setup for the ANG Party, works with Decorations for the decorations for Casino area, works with volunteer lead for getting the volunteers to work the casino area, and works with Games and Activities Lead as the tables, etc.  are rented along with the other activities.

Donations - Handles obtaining donations for the ANG Celebration such as community donations, parent donations, grants, etc.  This includes working the T-Shirt Committee for adding businesses who are sponsoring to the back of the T-Shirt.   Works closely with Fundraising Sub-Committee to ensure no duplication of efforts. 

Fundraisers - Organizes the fundraisers throughout the year and works with the volunteer committee to get the volunteers needed for each fundraiser.  Works closely with the Donations Sub-Committee to ensure no duplication of efforts.  There are several important fundraisers throughout the year and this can be several people and the fundraisers can be split up among several of the volunteers.  Fundraiser events include (but not limited to) a Fall Fundraiser in October, Applause Dance Competition Fundraiser in March, working with area restaurants for fundraisers, Senior Signs fundraiser, and a senior raffle for reserved seating and parking on the day of graduation.

Food - Handles all of the coordination and purchasing of the food for the ANG Event and works on Applause Fundraiser for the food for concessions during this fundraiser weekend.

 Security - Works with the Fairfax City Fire Marshall and the other committees on the needed Security of the area to ensure all is in order and passes the Fire Marshal's inspection.

Junior Parent Lead - This is a parent from the Junior Class.  Attends ANG Meetings, organizes Junior Parents to decorate the afternoon / evening of the event and to clean up the next morning.  Also organizes Junior Parent leads for the next ANG Party.  This person (or persons) will become the ANG Chairman(s) for the following year.

Class of 2014 All Night Graduation Committee

Committee First Name Last Name Email Address
ANG Co-Chair Catherine Miller
ANG Co-Chair Laura Allsopp 
Secretary Lisa Mountjoy 
Money Manager Catherine Miller
Volunteers Kim Thompson
Marketing Tina Smith
Tickets & T-Shirts Alyssa  de Lutis-Hoeth 
Tickets & T-Shirts Kristin Shriver
Badges & Check-in/out Cathy Frank 
Badges & Check-in/out Laura Welke 
Prizes Tracey Lee
Prizes Stacy  Castro
Decorations Catherine Miller
Decorations Amy Bain
Games/Activities/DJ/Entertainment Leslie Daley 
Games/Activities/DJ/Entertainment Beth Morrow
Casino Leslie Daley 
Casino Beth Morrow
Food Holly  Fanady 
Food Leigh Burke 
Security Nancy-Lynn Wilson 
Security Arlet Williams
Junior Parent Lead Maybe - Becky Boyce
Junior Parent Lead Maybe - Pam Wagoner
Donations Annette Carr 
Committee First Name Last Name Email Address
Fundraisers - Fall - Capitol Steps Tina Smith
Fundraisers - Fall - Capitol Steps Catherine Miller
Fundraisers - Applause Laura Allsopp
Fundraisers - Applause/Consessions Leigh  Burke 
Fundraisers - Applause/Consessions Holly  Fanady 
Fundraisers - Senior Signs Lisa Mountjoy 
Fundraisers - Senior Signs Gina Buchen
Fundraisers - Grad Seating/Parking Raffle Lisa Mountjoy 
Fundraisers - Grad Seating/Parking Raffle Kristin Shriver
Fundraisers - Restaurants

Fundraisers - Basketball Game (Maybe) Alyssa  de Lutis-Hoeth 
Fundraisers - Basketball Game (Maybe)      
Fundraisers - Other      
Fundraisers - Other      
Fundraisers - Other      
Fundraisers - Other      
Fundraisers - Other      
Fundraisers - Other