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Programs & Services

The PTSA sponsors many programs and services for the Fairfax High School community.  
These are some of the things that the PTSA does:
PTSA All Night Grad Party, an all-night drug-free and alcohol-free celebration for seniors, held the night of graduation

Hospitality for student, teacher, and staff recognition and appreciation programs, such as the New Parent Orientation Breakfast, Teacher/ Custodian/Cafeteria Appreciation Luncheon, Science Fair, and academic achievement celebrations such as Honor Society receptions

Education grants for teachers and academic departments to support committees, and regional and state PTA organizations

Monthly meetings open to all parents, with reports from the principal and discussion of current issues and projects
 *  PTSA Volunteerism Scholarships/Awards for graduating seniors 

 *  PTSA Teacher of the Year award 
 *  Reflections, a fine arts competition sponsored by the National PTA  
 *  Special presentations and forums on issues of interest to parents
 Volunteer opportunities to encourage parents' active involvement in FHS and PTSA  projects and events, and Volunteer Email to let parents know about the range of volunteer options on a regular basis

*   Sponsor programs and events to enhance the social well-being of students and staff

*    Increase volunteer base to strengthen school community
*   Collaborate effectively with FHS Booster groups, fellow PTSAs, FHS feeder PTAs, FCPS personnel, School Board members, and elected legislative representatives

*    Increase publicity for FHS events, activities, student, and staff awards

*   Promote tax-deductible donations to provide and fund PTSA programs and events

*   Communicate information received on school enrollment, spaces, potential boundary changes, and other discussions of key issues

PTSA memberships, contributions, and volunteer hours make all this possible!  
You can be a part of this effort by joining the PTSA and working with us!