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President's Message

A Message from the Fairfax High School PTSA President

School year 2016-2017

    After being in this position for just a few months, I have learned that there is a lot to be learned from being a part of the PTSA.  What I have come to realize is that “joining” the PTSA and actually participating as a “member” are two entirely different things.  Anyone can join, but it takes a bit more effort to be a member!  But to really be a member of the PTSA, you have to get involved….you have to participate and then you can really enjoy the benefits of true MEMBERSHIP in an even greater community of parents, teachers & students. 

     The PTSA is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers who provide valuable support, services and programs to the Fairfax High School Community and its teachers and students.   We all want our children to be heard, supported and encouraged and to be and do their very best during their time in high school.  And by supporting our teachers in these efforts is just one way to help accomplish this goal.  The PTSA does this by providing the revenue and support for programs that are offered throughout the year and are available as needed.  Since we are a volunteer based, not for profit organization, we spend only what we make and ask for only what will help to contribute to these programs.  The majority of our revenue comes from the membership dues – but you can donate as well ~ and not just your money ~ we need your time.   By being a volunteer, you are showing your child that you are interested, that you care and you are staying involved and in turn, you are staying informed.  There are endless opportunities to volunteer at your fingertips, so please take the time to try and find something that will work with your schedule AND your own interests as well.     

      I would like to extend an invitation to please join us at our monthly meetings.  The dates and times can be found on our website at www.fairfaxptsa.org or on the Fairfax High School home page, http://www.fcps.edu/FairfaxHS/ look under the PARENTS TAB and click PTSA.  There you will find a listing of the various committees and descriptions of those positions, membership, volunteer information, forms, etc., to help assist with any questions or needs that you might have.  OR, if you would like to contact me directly, feel free to email me at:  president@fairfaxptsa.org

     The one thing I do know is that every PTSA volunteer is a busy parent, just like you and I, but we still need as many parents, students and teachers as possible to just get “involved” at Fairfax High School.   It’s a great place to learn, it’s a great place to be and it’s a great place to grow and mature and to enjoy your time………………as a Parent…as a Teacher and especially as a Student!

Phyllis Lovett

President, Fairfax High School PTSA